2015 Funko Avengers: Age of Ultron Mystery Minis present Earth’s Mightiest Heroes as little bobbleheads. Mixing heroes with the titular villain, the blind box format adds a chase element to the collectible figures.

The lineup has nine different characters and 12 total figures. Iron Man gets a lot of love with four different pieces. Yes, the bulky Hulkbuster Armor is one of them. Other heroes with figures include Captain America, Black Widow, Thor and Nick Fury. A Hulk figure means you can have him and Tony Stark duke it out like the trailer shows. Ultron also makes an appearance.

They come in a sealed box so you don’t know which one is inside until it’s opened. Many of Funko’s Mystery Minis products also have some figures that are harder to find than others.

We bought ours at Amazon.

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